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212 Madison Street, Second Floor, Clarksville, Tennessee 37041
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Business Counseling, Litigation, and Dispute Resolution

Your business is your life.  Bateman & Bateman, PC understands that you need to trust your attorney.  With 60 years of combined legal experience, Bateman’s Clarksville law firm can serve your business from startup through any commercial roadblocks.

Unique experience.  Adept service.  Client dedication.

With their accounting as well as legal backgrounds, our attorneys have the skills to make sure your company is on the right track.  Bateman & Bateman, PC focuses on the following business counseling, litigation, and dispute resolution:

  • Business formation—Bateman & Bateman helps you decide which type of business is best
  • Tax law and tax implications of owning and operating a business
  • Dispute resolution—promoting civility and justice in shareholder disputes and partnership agreements
  • Contracts—Bateman lawyers draft, review, and litigate all contracts for your company
  • Breach of contract—disputes between contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers
  • Employment law matters—including wage and hour disputes, discrimination cases
  • Real estate law—property boundary disputes, condemnation, eminent domain, encroachment
  • Lease agreements—commercial and residential property agreements
  • Collections issues—delinquent accounts
  • Securities—fraud cases requiring arbitration, insider trading, 10B5 violations
  • Mechanics liens—ensuring quality work is completed

Count on us for efficiency in solving your legal problems

Our law firm’s dedication to clients is unmatched.  Located in Clarksville, TN, Bateman & Bateman, PC serves companies throughout northern and central Middle Tennessee.  For all your legal needs from business startup through tax season and dispute resolution, contact Bateman & Bateman, PC today.