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Frequently Asked Questions about Clarksville Car Accidents

Car accidents are a serious problem in the United States.  They cost millions in property damage, and leave thousands injured every year.  Despite the frequency of car accidents, the attorneys of Bateman & Bateman, PC often field the same questions from different clients who are unaware of their rights.  To serve our current and future clients better, our car accident lawyers have compiled answers to some frequently asked questions.

Should I call the police?

If you are involved in a car accident, and suffer an injury, you should call the police.  Even if injuries are not immediately apparent, a police statement can be beneficial.  The police collect witness statements and information from the other drivers, and diagram the accident scene.

Some drivers may discourage you from calling the police and involving the insurance companies.  This is a serious threat to your rights to compensation, because you cannot prove that the other driver was liable without this supporting information.

What information should I collect after a Clarksville car accident injury?

To help our lawyers develop a strong case for you, you need to collect information after your car accident.  Some details that Bateman & Bateman, PC finds helpful include the following:

  • Names and contact information for other drivers and witnesses
  • Make and model of cars involved
  • License numbers of other drivers
  • Insurance company details of other drivers
  • Police report number or name of the reporting officer

With this information, our attorneys can gather evidence quickly and use the facts to create a strong claim for damages.

Why call a car accident lawyer in Clarksville?

Dealing with insurance companies and negligent drivers by yourself can be hard.  You and your loved ones deserve the care and attention of qualified advocates from Bateman & Bateman, PC.  Our firm takes pride in offering its clients honest, thorough representation throughout the whole process of their car accident claim.  The skilled attorneys of Bateman & Bateman, PC understand how complicated an accident injury is, and we strive to limit negative repercussions for you and your loved ones.

Count on our Clarksville car accident lawyers

Our dedication to clients is unmatched.  While located in Clarksville, TN, Bateman & Bateman, PC has handled cases throughout the state of Tennessee and, through association with other attorneys, in many other states and foreign countries.  However, our main emphasis is on representing clients in Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee and the surrounding area of northern Middle Tennessee, including Cheatham, Dickson, Houston, Humphreys, and Robertson counties.

For your convenience, the firm offers free on-site parking, and accepts all major credit cards.  For solutions to your legal problems, contact our car accident lawyers in Clarksville.