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Caring Divorce Attorneys Guide You Through The Divorce Process

Tennessee Attorneys With More Than 60 Years Of Divorce Experience

When a marriage ends, a new life begins. Dissolving a long-standing union can be complicated. That is why at Bateman & Bateman, P.C., we ensure that you fully understand all of your divorce options. With competence and compassion, our dedicated divorce attorneys take you through every step of the Tennessee divorce process. Whether you decide on mediation, settlement or a litigated divorce, you can trust Bateman & Bateman, P.C., to protect your best interests in and out of court.

Steps To A Tennessee Divorce

In Tennessee, settlement or trial are the only ways to end a marriage. Both follow the same process:

  • Filing the complaint and certificate of divorce. The divorce process starts with the spouse requesting the divorce filing these documents. Either no-fault “irreconcilable differences” or fault grounds are cited. In a fault divorce, a temporary injunction may now be issued to prevent the sale or transfer of assets, dispersal of marital funds and prohibiting one party from threatening or harassing the other party.
  • Summons. The clerk of the court issues the summons that is officially served along with the complaint to the other spouse. The parties must then wait at least 60 days if there are no minor children, and 90 days if there are children, before the judge can award the divorce.
  • Answer and countercomplaint. The served spouse usually responds to the plaintiff, denying the allegations in the complaint and asking for its dismissal.
  • Settlement or discovery. The spouses may decide to settle. If not, a discovery period begins including requests for production of documents and interrogatories with questions that must be answered under oath. Both must be responded to within 30 days.
  • Mediation. Before setting a trial date, the judge may order the couple to attend mediation to try to reach an out-of-court agreement.
  • Trial. If the couple does not reach an agreement through settlement or mediation, they proceed to trial. There the judge decides the division of property, alimony, insurance coverage, child support and visitation and any other issues.

Your divorce attorney protects your rights at every step of the divorce process.

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The highly respected litigators at Bateman & Bateman, P.C., bring more than 60 years of legal experience to getting you the results you desire. To discuss your divorce options, call us today at 931-647-5959 or 800-264-0041 (toll-free) or contact us online.

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