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Compassionate Clarksville Divorce Attorneys Guide You Through The Process

Tennessee Law Firm Helps You End Your Marriage With As Little Stress As Possible

Divorce is an emotionally difficult time for all parties involved. Competent legal advice from a Clarksville divorce lawyer is invaluable in helping you work through the rough spots. If you think a separation or divorce is in your future, contact the dedicated attorneys at Bateman & Bateman, P.C., as soon as possible. We understand your frustrations and are experienced in handling both contested and uncontested divorces. Our attorneys protect your confidentiality and provide sound legal advice while ensuring the legal process runs as smoothly as possible so you can get on with the next chapter of your life.

Contested Divorces Under Tennessee Law

When spouses do not agree that they should get a divorce or disagree on issues related to the divorce, the divorce is considered to be contested. In Tennessee, you usually must first show that you have grounds for divorce. Tennessee recognizes several grounds for divorce including:

  • Impotence
  • Adultery
  • Bigamy
  • Willful or malicious desertion
  • Separation (when there are no minor children)
  • Abandonment
  • Habitual drunkenness or drug abuse
  • A felony conviction with a prison sentence
  • Conviction of certain “infamous” crimes
  • Indignity
  • Cruel and inhuman treatment
  • Irreconcilable differences
  • Attempted murder of a spouse
  • Refusal to move to Tennessee
  • Pregnancy by another man at the time of marriage

Under most circumstances in Tennessee, a divorcing couple must participate in mediation before asking the court to decide the final issues relating to their divorce. Our dedicated attorneys guide you through every step of the mediation process, protecting your interests and helping to bring you and your spouse to a desirable compromise. If you cannot resolve all of your issues by agreement or by mediation, we will advocate for your rights at trial.

Uncontested Divorces In Tennessee

An uncontested divorce is less expensive and usually less traumatic than a contested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree on all the issues related to ending your marriage. You agree on dividing any property and debt that you have and, if you have children, you agree on issues regarding parenting time and child support. As a practical matter, it is in your best interest to seek legal advice during your uncontested divorce.

The Tennessee Divorce Process

In Tennessee, settlement or trial are the only ways to end a marriage. Both follow the same process:

  • Filing the complaint and certificate of divorce. The spouse requesting the divorce must file these documents. Either no-fault “irreconcilable differences” or fault grounds are cited.
  • Settlement or discovery. The spouses may decide to settle. If not, a discovery period begins including requests for production of documents and interrogatories with questions that must be answered under oath.
  • Mediation. Before setting a trial date, the judge may order the couple to attend mediation to try to reach an out-of-court agreement.
  • Trial. If the couple does not reach an agreement through settlement or mediation, they proceed to trial. There the judge decides the division of property, alimony, child custody, child support and visitation and any other issues.

We understand that divorce is a very personal experience that directly affects your life. Our Clarksville attorneys are focused on helping you reach an optimal resolution at every step of the process.

Call A Tennessee Family Law Attorney For A Divorce Consultation

Bateman & Bateman, P.C., is a Clarksville, Tennessee, law firm dedicated to helping clients through their divorce. When it comes to your case, our devoted attorneys go the extra mile to get you the results you desire. Contact us using our online form or call us at 931-647-5959 to schedule your consultation.

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