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Clarksville Family Law Attorneys Assist Clients With Child Support

Helping Tennessee Parents Obtain, Modify And Enforce Support Orders

The laws of Tennessee are intended to make sure that both parents contribute to raising a child and providing for that child’s needs. When parents separate, divorce or do not marry, a court may order the parent without primary custody to pay support to a child’s custodial parent. At the firm of Bateman & Bateman, P.C., we help Clarksville parents arrange support agreements or obtain support orders that are fair to everyone involved. When circumstances change, we assist in getting these orders modified. Our compassionate attorneys have experience assisting parents in all child support matters and disputes.

Determining Child Support Payments Under Tennessee Law

Tennessee bases its child support payment calculations on an “income shares model.” The assumption of this model is that each parent contributes based on their actual income. This plan is supposed to give the child the same amount of support that he or she would receive if the parents were married. In reality, parents living apart have much higher housing costs, so this formula can put a strain on both of them. Our family law attorneys work to help you achieve an agreement or award that is fair based on:

  • Income. A court can consider each parent’s actual income, or, in certain cases, imputed income that doesn’t actually exist. This is especially likely when a parent is determined to be willfully unemployed.
  • Parenting days. In situations where the alternate residential parent (ARP) has custody of the child for more than a certain number of days per year, payments to the primary residential parent (PRP) may be reduced.
  • Work-related child care. The costs of a working parent’s child care are sometimes factored into child support orders.

Whether you are the economically dependent parent or the one being asked to pay support, we work to help you obtain a fair agreement or order.

Modifying And Terminating Tennessee Child Support Orders

In most cases, child support payments terminate when a child graduates from high school. If a child is not in school, payments terminate on his or her 18th birthday. Children in Tennessee stop receiving support when the class that they are a member of on their 18th birthday graduates, whether or not the child actually graduates.

You should never stop paying support without first speaking to an attorney, no matter how serious the situation is. Even parents in jail are expected to pay child support unless a judge agrees to change the support order. It is essential that you contact an experienced child support attorney as soon as your situation changes or as soon as the other parent stops paying support. We can help with both child support order modifications and enforcement.

Contact A Tennessee Child Support Law Firm For Assistance With Your Case

Figuring out the Tennessee child support system doesn’t have to be difficult. At the law firm of Bateman & Bateman, P.C., we help clients navigate the child support process, from crafting an agreement to modifying a judgment. To schedule a consultation with an experienced Clarksville child support attorney, call us at 931-647-5959 or contact us online.

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