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The dangers of speeding while driving

| May 14, 2021 | Auto accidents |

Speeding is a major contributor to motor vehicle accidents. In 2018, it was a factor in more than 9,000 deaths on the road. There are a number of reasons that drivers, their passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists in Tennessee are in greater danger when a vehicle is speeding.

Reaction time

It is harder for a speeding driver to react in time to obstacles in the road or other sudden changes. Even if they do, a speeding vehicle takes longer to come to a stop, and it might not do so in time. It is also harder to control the vehicle when it is speeding, especially on curves where faster-moving vehicles might leave their lanes.

Risk of injuries

If a driver does have an accident, it may be worse because of speeding. Injuries may be more severe in speeding-related motor vehicle accidents because safety devices, such as airbags and seat belts, are strained more by the greater impact. A speeding vehicle might also be more likely to flip in an accident.

Speeding and travel conditions

Drivers should keep in mind that “speeding” does not always mean exceeding the posted limit. A safe speed can vary depending on weather conditions, including visibility, and other factors.

As a driver’s speed increases, so does the risk of a fatal accident. Drivers should keep in mind that they will not save much time by speeding, particularly given the risks. If you are injured in an accident because another driver is speeding, you may be able to get compensation to cover costs such as your medical expenses and lost wages. You might want to talk to an attorney about what to do after an accident since in some cases, there might be challenges in obtaining compensation. For example, if you suffer from an injury that does not immediately cause symptoms, such as traumatic brain injury, an insurance company may try to dispute your claim.