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How to reduce your risk of being in a truck accident

| Mar 19, 2021 | Truck accidents |

While it isn’t something you want to think about each time you get in the car, driving a vehicle means taking on a degree of risk. Automobile accidents in Tennessee or any other state can be dangerous enough, and these situations often become more dangerous for a driver if they collide with a large semi-truck. With 18 wheels or more, these massive vehicles can be downright deadly. You can better avoid the risk of a truck accident by following these tips.

Stay out of a truck’s blind spots

Most drivers know the blind spot as a term for locations out of their range of vision. Unfortunately, commercial vehicle drivers have far larger blind spots than yours. The typical blind spots for a truck driver are:

  • 1 lane of distance to their left
  • 2 lanes of distance to the right
  • 20 feet ahead of them
  • 30 feet behind them

Avoid distractions

More than ever, technology serves as a major distraction for drivers. Fortunately, people can help reduce their risk of being in truck accidents by avoiding distracted driving. This means not using your phone, tablet or other electronic devices while behind the wheel.

Keep your distance

Another important way to drive safely around trucks is to keep your distance from them. This is because these large trucks need more time than smaller automobiles to slow down or stop. If a commercial truck driver can’t come to a sudden stop, they could end up colliding with other vehicles.

Despite driving defensively, it’s not always possible to avoid being in an accident with a large truck. If you were in this kind of collision, consider contacting a truck accident attorney. An attorney may help you decide how to pursue compensation after a truck accident occurs.