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How does my claim change when the other motorist is uninsured?

| Jan 7, 2021 | Auto accidents |

Motorists in Tennessee are obliged to carry valid insurance, which is a legal requirement in case an accident happens. Insurance companies pay out damages caused to your vehicle only if the car has a valid insurance policy. In the United States, about 1 vehicle in every 52 is driven without valid insurance, so what happens if an uninsured driver injures you in a traffic accident? Will you still get your compensation? According to the law, if the driver is at fault, you can consult your auto policy for compensation. Your insurance company should treat you fairly.

Uninsured Motorist car insurance

When you have UM car insurance coverage, you can use your policy when you are hit by an at-fault driver who is not insured. If an uninsured person causes an accident, it may not be worth it to file a lawsuit. However, you can file the lawsuit if you are sure that the uninsured driver can pay off the damages. The best option is typically to claim compensation from your insurance company under the UM coverage. For most states, it’s not mandatory for vehicle owners to possess UM since it’s an add-on when purchasing an insurance policy.

Do’s and don’ts after you are hit by an uninsured driver

Auto accidents typically happen with no warning. Here are some tips to follow in case you get into an accident with an uninsured driver:

  • Call the police even if the other driver is uninsured. Reporting to the police is essential since it will make the claims process smoother.
  • Gather all the details, including the car’s model, time, place and number of the responding officer.
  • Pictorial evidence of the accident’s scene comes in handy when filing a claim.
  • Since the uninsured driver could face hefty fines, don’t accept any money from them.

Claims for uninsured driver accidents are similar to regular car insurance claims, which means you may want legal help throughout the claims process to ensure you get fair compensation. If you’ve had an accident with an uninsured driver, you’ll want to contact an attorney immediately.