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Could driver-assistance technology contribute to a crash?

| Jan 19, 2021 | Auto accidents |

Things are different on the roads in Tennessee and across the country now, as compared to previous generations. Technological advancements have led to automated systems that are making things easier for drivers. Are these systems making driving unsafe, though? Drivers who lose focus could find themselves involved in an accident. Concerns may arise whether automated systems impede focus, and they might be well-founded.

Automated driving assistance and potential troubles

Features like adaptive cruise control (ACC) add potential comforts to the driving experience. With this feature, pre-programming allows a vehicle to follow a set speed while maintaining distance from cars in front of it. ACC’s may provide some enhanced safety benefits. Keeping a vehicle within the speed limit while taking preventive measures against rear-end collisions seems valuable. However, ACC and other automated systems might leave a driver feeling too comfortable.

Assuming the vehicle’s technology will “take over” may lead a driver to direct attention away from the road. Talking and texting on the phone may seem appropriate to some drivers relying on technology, but such decisions could lead to a disaster.

Lack of focus and the potential hazards

Not focusing on the road might undermine a driver’s ability to control the car if a problem arises. What if the car in front of the driver brakes suddenly? Assistance-based technology does not remove any responsibilities from the person behind the wheel. Drivers who allow themselves to be distracted might be liable for any resulting accidents.

Another point bears mentioning. Technological systems may fail, and safety alerts might not go off. Faulty equipment could lead to third-party lawsuits, but the driver could still be named a defendant in a suit.

An overreliance on driver-assistance automated technology might contribute to distracted driving accidents. People who have been the victims of such a crash might benefit from having legal assistance.