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Motor vehicle accidents: When insurers reach out

| Nov 7, 2020 | Auto accidents |

If you suffer injuries after a car accident in Tennessee, you may be concerned with how to move forward. It can be tough dealing with everything from medical treatment to property damage as the bills add up. You may need time away from work for recovery or ongoing rehabilitation services, and you might lose time with your family and other loved ones. When an insurance company contacts you after a motor vehicle collision, it’s important to know how to respond and protect your rights.

Insurance agencies are involved in almost all crashes

Insurance companies are the primary source of compensation in most motor vehicle crashes, but dealing with an insurer can be stressful. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a company representing the other driver responsible for the car crash. In most cases, more than one insurance company will be involved in the process. Insurance is a business, and many insurance companies are working first to protect their bottom line rather than offer full compensation to victims.

Protecting your rights after an auto accident

If a negligent driver causes a crash, their insurer may be responsible for the damages. However, some insurance companies may try to drive down your claim. They may question the extent of your injuries, offer a lower settlement amount or even deny the claim altogether. Some insurance companies might reach out very quickly after the collision with a settlement proposal, which often must be carefully weighed against potential future costs.

In some cases, these settlement offers represent only a fraction of the true costs caused by motor vehicle accidents. Injured accident victims might consult with a personal injury lawyer to protect their rights and take action to pursue compensation for their losses.