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What makes a truck driver dangerous?

| Jun 16, 2020 | Truck accidents |

Large trucks are an important part of the system that keeps the economy going, but they also play a large role in serious accidents on the roads. Due to their size, trucks can lead to devastating crashes when they collide with passenger vehicles, which is why the government places so many restrictions and rules for drivers of these vehicles. 

Despite careful systems meant to ensure those holding a commercial driver’s license are some of the best and most responsible drivers on the road, bad drivers still get behind the wheel of big rigs every day, many of whom will eventually cause an accident. There are a couple of common bad driving habits that you will see in truck drivers who cause accidents, according to Smart Trucking. 


Driving over the speed limit is something very common on roadways. Truck drivers may feel the need to speed to meet deadlines or to help increase their paychecks, but it is extremely dangerous because it reduces the reaction time a driver has when something happens ahead of him or her on the road. Plus, it already takes a truck longer to stop due to its size, so having even less reaction time means accidents happen all too often due to speeding. 

Distracted driving 

Not paying attention to the road when driving is a serious issue no matter what size vehicle you drive, but when a truck driving is distracted, it becomes incredibly scary. A driver must be aware at all times and ready to react to what is happening on the road. Distracted driving means a driver may not notice traffic slowing or stopping in front of it until it is too late.