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Teenagers pose higher risk on the road

| Feb 29, 2020 | Auto accidents |

Passing the driver’s license test is a huge day for teenagers. However, just because they passed the test does not mean they are highly skilled drivers. Teens pose high risk on the road due to numerous factors, and one way to counteract this is to get parents involved. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, fatal crashes are more common among teenage drivers than any other age group. The risk of collision is the highest the first year teens have their driver’s license, and this is mainly because of inexperience. Other causes of accidents include 

  • Operating the vehicle with other teenagers in the car 
  • Driving at night 
  • Lack of seat belt use 
  • Driving distracted 
  • Driving while tired 
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs 

Teenagers may seem to ignore their parents much of the time, but the truth is parents set the example when it comes to driving. The CDC recommends parents spend a minimum of 30 hours in the car with their teen driver. It is a good idea to guide them through different scenarios to help them gain experience. Parents can help reduce distracted driving by following safe practices when they are behind the wheel. 

The National Safety Council recommends that parents set driving rules for their teen. It helps to have a contract that lays out rules and consequences so the teenager understands clearly. The rules can vary, but some important ones include to always wear a seat belt, no phone use while behind the wheel, no teenage passengers, no driving over the speed limit and no alcohol or drug use.