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Co-parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

| Jul 25, 2017 | Family law |

You may have gotten divorced from your spouse, but you both still have an obligation to be good parents if you have children together. This will likely require some level of good communication on your part, as difficult as it may be to be in regular contact with your former partner.

The following are a few tips to help you successfully co-parent your children after you are no longer married to one another:

  • Actually communicate: Sure, you might talk to each other about parenting decisions, but are you really communicating? Set aside some time on a regular basis to talk through certain issues about parenting to ensure there is consistency on both sides. Having a constructive conversation every now and then will help you both to be better parents in the long run.
  • Be open to changes: As your children grow older and change, you are going to need some of your parenting methods and habits to change as well. This means you need to be open to consistent cooperation and changing certain approaches to your parenting style. If your former spouse suggests something, do not take it as an attack — think it through and consider whether the change could help you better raise your kids.
  • Realize you don’t have full control: You are not a single parent just because you’ve been divorced. You do not have complete control over all parenting decisions, and you need to accept that fact. This acceptance will help you to avoid a number of potential conflicts that could arise.
  • Take advice from others with a grain of salt: When you get divorced, you are probably going to get unsolicited advice from other people who have been through divorce about how you can cope and how you can manage raising your children. They certainly mean well, but remember that every divorce and family is different from the next. Ultimately, you need to do what you believe is right for your situation.

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