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Your Social Media Posts Could Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

| Dec 6, 2016 | Personal injury |

A January 2014 study from the Pew Research Center found that 74 percent of adults who are on the internet also regularly use social media websites. This number has likely increased since then. With social media use becoming increasingly widespread, so too is the amount of personal information people are choosing to broadcast to the masses.

However, if you are currently involved in any sort of legal dispute, including a personal injury claim, what you post to social media platforms could come back to haunt you.

You could damage your claim of physical injury 

Individuals who seek compensation through a personal injury claim typically do so because they have suffered injuries such as broken bones, brain injuries and soft tissue injuries, or are experiencing chronic pain. To be able to substantiate these claims, you need to be seen by a doctor and potentially have witnesses speak on your behalf about the injuries you suffered.

If you begin posting pictures on social media of yourself taking a hike in the mountains, water-skiing on the lake or doing anything else that could indicate you are not nearly as injured as you say you are, it could negatively affect your case.

Your social media posts could conflict with your claims of emotional distress 

It’s not just physical injuries that are crucial in personal injury lawsuits. Claimants often say they have suffered severe emotional distress as the result of an injury. Examples include loss of enjoyment of life, depression, withdrawal and anxiety.

However, your social media profile or blog posts could directly counter these claims. If you make frequent upbeat posts to Facebook or post photos of yourself out and enjoying time with friends, your argument for having suffered emotional distress could be lessened.

In general, it’s best to be very conservative with your social media posts until your lawsuit has concluded. For further tips and guidance, contact a trusted Tennessee personal injury lawyer with Bateman & Bateman, PC.